Brand mission >
Committed to providing everyone with comfortable, healthy, intelligent and convenient five-star quality intelligent sanitary products, caring for the healthy and intelligent life of each family
Brand Vision >
Become an intelligent housekeeper around everyone and bring five-star smart bathroom experience to families all over the world
Brand story >

In 2003, LONYEON's predecessor Zhejiang Jingyi Furniture Co., Ltd. was established. The company relies on & ldquo; pioneering innovation, excellence, honest management, high-quality service & rdquo; business philosophy, importing advanced equipment from Germany and Italy to enhance its own production technology and hard power, but also attaches great importance to the development of soft power of enterprises. 2006 In 1989, we cooperated with Mr. Fleming, a senior American designer, to develop new and elegant American furniture based on the unique aesthetic perspective of the Chinese people, using superior wood and excellent craftsmanship. It is the earliest batch of leading furniture sales enterprises in China. The products have received high praise from customers since they were put on the market.

With the maturity and steady progress of the overall home market, in 2014, the company began to enter the bathroom industry, the same year began to independently design and develop bathroom cabinet technology. 2015 is doomed to be an extraordinary year, and the company and even the whole bathroom industry are undergoing a change and leap. In 2015, with Wu Xiaobo's & ldquo; Japan's & rdquo; toilet incident, the domestic bathroom market ushered in spring. Everything seemed to be the fate of the arrangement. In the same year, LONYEON legal person Wang Xiaodong returned from abroad to study, majoring in economic management, he inherited the family's mission, because of the special experience of studying abroad, let him compare with other countries. People in the domestic market have touched the fashion trend of smart home industry earlier. As a result, he accepted the company's consequences and seized the new opportunities of the smart bathroom industry, turning the perspective from traditional home to smart home. He has long planned a grand business blueprint for the company - mdash; & mdash; to build his own smart home kingdom, integrate the mature whole category of home, and then create a whole category of smart bathroom world, will LONYEON into every family, let it become a healthy and intelligent life of every family. Intelligent housekeepers are indispensable.

In the same year, under his leadership, the company began to investigate the smart toilet market. He personally led the R&D team to visit the international bathroom market many times, drew lessons from the advanced international smart bathroom design concepts, actively developed the international mature core parts supply chain, hired academic experts in the field of intelligence, and formed the R&D elite team. After several days and months of technological breakthroughs, the first intelligent portable cover T56 and the first intelligent integrated machine M56 were successfully developed in 2018. In the same year, he founded the independent light luxury brand - mdash; & mdash; LONYEON, a compact fashion, scientific and technological intelligence, high-quality performance-price ratio in one, focusing on product details design and sexual function development, so as to provide comfortable, healthy, intelligent and convenient five-star quality intelligent sanitary products for each mushroom. It is LONYEON's duty and mission to care for the health and wisdom of every family.

LONYEON's all series of products, including appearance design and functional structure, have his humanistic transmission of LONYEON's brand concept. The simplicity is full of luxury, luxury, hardness and charm, and the simplicity is monotonous. This is also the display of his unique style and self-cultivation. All efforts need to accept the baptism of the market. In May 2019, with LONYEON's smart toilet and bathroom cabinet, he made his debut at the Shanghai International Kitchen and Sanitary Exhibition. He quickly attracted the public's attention by showing the minimalist appearance of the international style and the core technology of the high-level and exquisite blue shadow, foam cloud shield, water purification and sterilization. Since then, we have led you into the world of LONYEON's light and luxurious bathroom, caring for everyone's family health and wisdom life together.