Precision dark blue light thoroughly liberates hands and enjoys the age of water washing. Human body microwave induction opens and closes dark blue light projection positioning. Precision feet feel turning circle flushing intelligent scientific and technological wisdom is yours.

    Functional elaboration:

    1. When the distance between human body and toilet is 30-80 cm, microwave radar automatically induces overturning.

    2. When the human body is 30-80 cm away from the seat, the microwave radar automatically induces the closure of the cover.

    3. When the human body is 30-80 cm away from the toilet, the metal sensor on the right and rear side of the toilet automatically senses fixed-point projection of blue circular light with LONYEON icon to the ground. The first time the foot touches the logo is turned, the second time the foot touches the logo is flushed.



    Ultraviolet sterilization self-static water protection guard, medical level ultraviolet sterilization comprehensive system intercept bacteria, clean water protection guard use more healthy and secure

    Ultraviolet LED: Efficient sterilization rate 99%

    Functional elaboration:

    Human body cleaning water sterilizes through sterilization module, making the water contacted with human body more sanitary and healthy.